Shark populations have dropped over 90% in the past 30 years, threatening the balance of life on earth upon which we depend.

We don’t think you want to be contributing to the demise of one of the oldest, most important predators the planet has, without knowing it!

Sharks are being killed for more than just their fins… They are being killed for their livers… for their flesh… for their cartilage… for their skin.
And they’re being sold to you in disguise!

Chances are, you’ve consumed or used products that contain shark. You just didn’t know it!

Shark Free is a campaign to keep sharks out of our products, so we can reduce pressure on their populations and save them from extinction.

Unfortunately, the burden is on the consumer to educate themselves about products that contain shark, and perform the necessary detective work to ensure they are not contributing to the sharks’ demise.

Get smart by learning about the issue:

Then take the #SHARKFREE pledge to not buy any products containing sharks.

We’re also in the process of raising funds to test products so you know what products are free of shark.
We’re certain the results will shock you, and change what products we consume. Please click here to donate

We are only just getting started, and with shark populations down 90%, we need all the help we can get! Please click here to volunteer