In Loving Memory of Rob Stewart

Sharkwater – A Tribute to Rob Stewart

We are so deeply grateful to everyone who helped search, and happy that Rob passed while doing what he loved. We are working on how best to honour his incredible work. If you would like to share your memories or messages with the public, please post them using the form below. We are working on a way to share photos as well.

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Rob Stewart accomplished so much in his life, but there’s still more to do. To honour Rob’s memory, the Stewart family is collecting donations through WWF-Canada in order to continue his conservation work. You can help by visiting and WWF-Canada will hold the proceeds in a fund to help carry on Rob’s legacy. A tax receipt will be issued.

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  1. Sharks and the world lost such a wonderful soul.
    Watching what he accomplished is amazing and i hope his legacy will travel on for many many years.
    You will be missed Rob.

    Love from us in Calgary Alberta

    And the sharks of the world

    Danny Merta 1:34 am on April 23, 2019
  2. I saw the video on Amazon today. Wow it was inspiring. The sharks are gone from southern California waters, there used to be lots of blues, makos, and threshers, now not much of anything.

    How can we help with keeping the work going?

    Ron an Sabina

    Ron Gregg 5:20 pm on April 30, 2019
  3. I saw the first Sharkwater film when I was a young teenager, I was already in love with Diving but seeing sharks from that perspective really made me fall in love with them. Seeing the second film and seeing even more of the amazing work that Rob Stewart did inspires me so much.
    The world and all its sharks will miss you and thank you so much for the amazing work that you put forward.

    Thank you, Rob. You are and will be missed.

    Sierra Sexton 7:10 pm on May 2, 2019
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